TMD Friction offers 85 agency workers permanent contracts

GLOBAL automotive manufacturer TMD Friction has announced that 85 agency workers have been taken on permanently within the business.

The moves comes as the Hartlepool-based company, which produces 95 per cent of brake pads for Europe’s after market and currently manufactures almost half a million parts per week, continues to scale up production to meet client demand.

It is the first time in TMD Friction’s history that so many temporary workers have been offered permanent jobs.

Tom Russell, UK Operations Manager, said: “This is a significant move for TMD Friction and will make a huge difference in terms of our production outputs.

“Making these agency workers permanent gives us all stability and long-term security and is a real boost as we continue to bounce back from the challenges we’ve faced due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“It’s an exciting time for the business and I’m delighted the 85 temps are now full settled in the business and have the peace of mind that they are now an integral and secure part of the team as we continue to grow.”

The 85 staff are employed in areas across the business, from production and maintenance to packing and distribution.

Helen Robinson, UK HR Manager, said: “There’s been a lot of work behind the scenes to make this happen but we’re all happy with the outcome which puts us in a strong position moving forward.

“Our people are key to our continued growth and we’re delighted that 85 of our temporary workers are now permanent members of the TMD family.”

TMD Friction, which has its only UK production facility in Hartlepool, has been making parts for the passenger car aftermarket since 1974 and now employs over 600 people at its Hartlepool factory.

The company, based at Oakesway Trading Estate, still has production vacancies which it is keen to fill. To find out more email