TMD Friction’s Warrington site achieves major health and safety milestone

TMD Friction’s customer fulfilment and distribution centre in Warrington has achieved a major health and safety milestone.

The facility has now gone more than four years – over 1,500 days – without a reported accident.

The achievement is being put down to the impeccable attitude to health and safety shown by every member of the workforce and investment in the best equipment, which are designed with the safety of the operators at the fore.

Logistics Manager Colin Andrews is incredibly proud of the site’s achievement and believes every single member of the 30-strong workforce should take credit for it.

He said: “Passing the four-year milestone without a single accident reported on site is a fantastic achievement and ultimately is down to the superb work ethic shown by every employee who is based here.

“Everyone is very good at self-policing, no one takes short cuts, and they all take real pride in their own work areas, ensuring they are clean and tidy and as safe as they can be.

“We’ve also benefitted from investment in the best industry equipment and machinery, which is designed to protect the operators and anyone in the immediate area – basically if someone is close by the machine will switch off as a precaution.

“I want to say a big thank you to everyone who has played their part in us surpassing this significant health and safety milestone – it’s a team effort and everyone should be rightly proud.”

TMD Friction’s Warrington site supports the company’s production facility in Hartlepool, with all products sent to the Woolston site ready for dispatch to customers across the UK and Northern Ireland.

The company also supplies a small number of products to South America, Ireland and Iceland.

The Warrington facility contributes over £2m to the monthly sales figures recorded by TMD’s UK operations, with average daily sales in excess of £100,000.

Helen Robinson, UK HR Group Lead, said: “As a company we pride ourselves on our impeccable health and safety standards and that is aptly demonstrated by this significant achievement by our Warrington site, which has now gone over four years without a single recorded accident.”